Saturday, March 16, 2013


Fitness for this week:


Yup. I've been sick. No excuse I know, exercise can get this sickness out of me sooner, but it hit me real hard, my fever just broke this morning.

Weight Check-In:


Ouch! What an ugly number! I need to work on that.

Fitness plan for the week:

Sun- C25K (or just free weights, depending on how I feel in the AM), then work
Mon- C25K (or a 2hr gym sesh, depending on Sunday..)
Tue- rest, work
Wed- Free Weights/ C25K, work
Thur- rest
Fri- C25K, work
Sat- yoga / free weights, work


  1. Who does 2 hours at the gym? Superwoman! That's who!

  2. Well I'm gonna admit it, I'm not feeling as good as I expected to, so I have not hit the gym at all yet. I will not be angry or upset with myself though, as I can't hold it against myself that being sick is really truly the only thing keeping me away from the gym. Did some yoga Sunday and this morning though :)