Sunday, February 7, 2016

Re-cap, February, Week 1

Well, I think it's about time I dust off this thing and use it ... especially since this is today's #DailyChallenge for Amy's and my #30DayChallenge and #FaCaingGettingOurShitInOrder

Well, let's look at the first week of February's Challenge!

If you can't read it, it goes as follows:
Weekly Challenge - Photo Challenge - Snap a pic in action this week!


Nada. I actually didn't take a single picture of myself this week. I also only got to the gym once (Monday) and despite my best efforts of planning my whole week out (meals, homework, gym, work, etc etc etc) it failed almost immediately because of my work schedule. So many people were out sick this week and it was tough and I stayed late a few days and ended up with some decent overtime because of it.

The daily challenges were:
Document your progress….time for new pictures and measurementsBe electronic free for 30 minutesDrink half your weight in oz’s of water todaySet one simple goal you can accomplish todaySmile at a strangerGet in 30 minutes of exercise todayUpdate your blog this week

-I did take new pictures and measurements, which is at least something!
-I was electronic free on Tuesday on my way home from work. I spent the 45-minute drive home through end-of-day traffic crying. It was a long, stressful day that day.
-I did not drink half my weight. Close, I drank about 100oz of 122oz that day, so I will check this as a win for the day.
-The one goal I set for myself was not to cry at work. I had just come off a stressful day and was going back for another long-ass day. Did I cry? Nope. I came close many times, but I held it off.
-Smiling at a stranger is something I do every day. I work in customer service!
-30 minutes of exercise? Hah! Although I hit my 10,000 step goal today, it was because we spent the day running errands and generally running around, not because I made it to the gym or was running in any real fashion,
-I am currently updating my blog! YaY!

So, overall, I "technically" hit most of my daily challenges, but I still feel like I failed, because I did not log once, nor did I follow my meal plan after like.... Tuesday... and I got to the gym once. ONCE.

So, tomorrow begins a new week, and I have yet to plan out my week. I haven't made a single list, chart, or whatever. Not even for homework. Which is not a good thing. My life may be hectic, but homework is one thing I cannot just throw to the wind and play by ear.

So... what is wrong with me?! Maybe I'm wearing too many hats. I probably am...

--Full time employee
--Full time student

I pretty much have it in that order, too. I can't avoid work, and school is more important but also more flexible; I still have to maintain my house and my husband, I volunteer once a week at the hospital, and after all of that it leaves very little time for anything I may want to do, including health/fitness and even my hobbies. Hell, I have to get up early just to finish laundry sometimes! >.<

Lucky for me, I'm not working tomorrow. My only true plan is to babysit my mother who is getting her permanent bottom denture put in. She'll need a ride to and from the dentist office, and I am bringing her to my house to rest and sleep off the anesthesia. I'll be able to get alot done, too. John will be working, the house will be quiet, and I'll have the whole day to myself.

So, the plan is...

Tonight: get my week planned for the challenge!

For tomorrow (Monday):
--Build my homework schedule for the week
--Take the food logging one day at a time! One meal at a time if I have to!
--Figure out 3 days to make it to the gym
--Get ahead with homework reading for the week
--Take 2 hours for myself on my other day off (Sunday) to do something I want to do (which in this case is try out my new watercolor paints!)

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  1. So, I read this just after you posted and am just getting around to commenting now! SORRY!

    So, you are having a tough go! Me too! I think it's just the cycle of it and finding a groove. God knows the 3 pounds I was thrilled to lose have come back! You did pretty good with the challenge! I picked mine all out and have' looked at them since!
    Do you have too many hats on? Maybe, but I think you can do it....besides, which one would you give up? They all play an integral role in who you are now and the woman you are to become! Perhaps you need to look at getting help where you can....what about hiring a house keeper every couple of weeks to do a good clean, or a laundry service? I know you may say or think you can't afford it....but you cannot put a price on your sanity and time.
    Time for some self love girl! Eventually, this will just be a blip on the journey! I know it's rough and stressful! But I am here for you, rooting all the time!
    Love you!!! Xoxo