Sunday, August 16, 2015

The 35 Day Challenge and its Challenges! Plus a NEW CHALLENGER APPEARS!


I am now 11 days into my #Julies35DayPlan (follow me with that hashtag on Instagram!) and it has been a struggle so far. Not only have some of my planned days been completely changed, but I find that it is hard to really fit what I've planned into my day.

But, NO EXCUSES! I have still hit the gym every single day except for one, where I still managed to make it count by working out at home. I am trying to shift focus to my eating moreso than the exercise, because that seems to need more attention from me!

Anyway, for Days 11 - 14 I am going to continue the way I did where I searched Pinterest for a new workout to try. For Week 3, I will find a Pin for each of my areas (arms, legs, core, abs, circuit, booty) and I will use the same routine for the whole week. I think that will alleviate some stress and also be easier for me to keep track of!

Amy also decided to challenge me a bit more... though that may not have been her intention from the start, it has turned into a challenge we are going to take head on and totally kill it!!

I do not know why I'm doing this. It's crazy and will be CRAZY CHALLENGING!!! But, I know I can do it! I mean.... how hard can a 5 minute plank REALLY BE?!?!?! (haha... I'm slightly dying on the inside because 20 seconds is torture!)

Anyway, you can follow our antics on Instagram by using the hashtag:

Amy is a genius and came up with this awesome double-meaning tag! Fa = Florida, Ca = Canada, [FaCaing] as a whole sort of sounds out to sound like [Fu*king] And then you have Planks in there. Genius!!

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