Sunday, May 4, 2014

Road Trip Review : April 2014 : A Month of Half-Assed Results

Well, it is already a few days into May. I must say that April started off very slow, but then like my life has been lately, it took off and I lost track of everything! I took to calling April the month of half-assed results because I stopped blogging, stopped logging, stopped weighing, stopped reading blogs, and stopped photographing. It was a crazy month and I'm going to be playing catch up to some of those things (the blog reading mostly) for a few weeks I bet.

On the plus side, I kicked April's mile challenge ass! I also managed to pass all three of my spring classes, the hardest and most hated of which (Algebra) with an A and my other two with high Bs!! I am SO PROUD OF THAT!

So, with that, let's get on to this half-assed blog! HAH!


-The distance from home to Crowley's Ridge National Park is 849 miles.
-The distance from there to Devil's Den State Park is 215 miles.
-My total goal distance is then 1,064 miles.
-Challenge runs from January 1st thru October 31st, which is 304 days.
-That means... I need to cover 3.5 miles per day to achieve my goal distance.
-Of that 3.5 miles, only half (1.75 miles) can come from my everyday normal walking!

The Road So Far.....

Goal: 108.5 miles
Distance: 79.79 miles
Deficit: -28.71 miles

Goal: 98 miles
Distance: 88.16 miles
Deficit: -9.84 miles

Goal: 108.5 miles
Distance: 111.34 miles
Deficit: +2.84 miles


Goal: 105 miles
Distance: 184.73 miles
Deficit: +79.73 miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Total 4 month goal: 420 miles
Total 4 month distance: 464.02 miles

Total 4 month deficit: +44.02 miles!!!!!

Not only did I make up for the nasty deficit I had in the beginning, I am almost 2 weeks ahead of schedule for this month already!!!!

Not even gonna lie, I feel like a damn rockstar!!

Except that I don't. Not really. I can tell you right now that at least 60 miles came from the upright bikes at the gym. Now, to be honest to myself and my readers, I did pedal my ass off between a 12-15 level (bikes go from 1-20 in tension)... but was my heart in it? No. I was usually doing my reading for school and all that. But, I kept my legs going for sure! I don't know. I feel like I cheated, but then again I really don't. I guess we will see what Amy thinks! :-)

This month I am bringing the focus back to me. No pinterest or photo challenge for me to forget about and then feel guilty about. I even have a new phone that does NOT have Facebook installed on it, because I really don't see the point much anymore. People are beginning to bore me with their stuff sometimes (not everyone obviously) but I know that I might be that same bore for them, so I'm backing off.

I am, however, going to try and get back into the Tuesday Weigh-In blog (or Wednesday depending on my work schedule) and of course, this month I want to chat with Amy more often than I did in April. She's awesome in case no one knew that (but we all do!!)

So, if you haven't, go check on Amy. See if she fell of the face of the blogiverse in April, too, and wish her not only a happy belated birthday, but also a big hug and welcome back to the blog!! <3 <3

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  1. You ARE a rockstar! You were pretty sure you were going to be behind, but you put it in high gear and blew that thought out of the water.

    I am addicted to Facebook and Pinterest in an unhealthy way. I hate the drama of Facebook, but it's like a train wreck...I can't turn away!

    But it's a new month and time for me to refocus...AGAIN!