Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tuesday Weigh In

A day late and a dollar short. That is my week again this week. It seems like I stop and go and stop and go and never really get TRULY ahead of everything in my life.

Last Week's Weight:


This Week's Weight:



And you know what? I'll take it. Again I don't feel like I did much to get the scale down. I am watching what I eat, but not hitting the gym like I should. Now.... I feel that there has been a message sent to me in the most unlikely-ist of places. A good female friend of mine, whom I may or may not be related to, has begun the Couch to 5k Program. This, along with some major diet changes, and she is off to a running start (no pun intended). Now, of course, I can already hear Amy clicking away on the keyboard ("I TOLD you to start that program up again!!! WE already talked about this before!!") but there is something about this other person that has me wanting to keep going. She comes from a background not like ours. No real consistent fitness, no real structured eating plan, things like that. And she decided to make the change FOR HER. And she is KICKING ASS at it! I will continue to root for her, and she has already said she will lean on me for support. I am now what Amy and the other people I follow are to me. My support system. My place to go when things suck. My haven. And I feel so proud to be that person!

So, maybe I will get my ass in gear and ACTUALLY start up the program again. I'd like to. I need a goal. An end point where I can focus in and truly make it happen.

Now, let's get down to brass taxes. Last week's goals were.....

*Eat at least 1 serving (1+ cup) of REAL FRUIT PER DAY. None of that packaged BS.
*Don't forget the photo challenge!
*Training 1 day at the park!
*Run at least 1 day
*Weights at least 1 day
*Get gameplan for office organization together!

Ouchies. Well, I brought it on myself. I did ROCK the fruits goal, I am becoming accustomed to bringing an apple to me and eating it in the car, when I am most vulnerable to snacking.
I also have my photos done for the first 7 days of the challenge, which is another blog's worth!

But, I sucked everywhere else. The park? Out of my mind. I left it behind on this webpage and even though I wrote it down, time was not on my side with that. And what sucks, is that this park is LITERALLY 1.3 miles from my house. A 20-minute walk according to Google Maps.

I also neglected to go to the gym at all, and since I was away this past weekend I didn't even get to go zumba-ing! :-(

The office? HAH. Not even. I am side-lining this for the month because finals are coming up at the end of this month so it is crunch time on my studies.

Well, what about this week's goals?

*Do 2 spin classes
*Have lunch with my mother
*Get in 3 servings of veggies and 3 servings of fruits (over the week)
*Go 2 days without caffeine!
*Get to the park at least once!

Reasonable. I will be okay with these, with the park trip being last on my totem pole. :-)


  1. No gain is great!! Keep up the great work, it is all a balancing act between eating and exercise. Some times the balance is there, other times we need to adjust.

    Great goals for you to accomplish for the week! I will be looking forward to seeing how you do this week!

  2. A turtle in weight is AWESOME! It means you managed to do everything right and keep it all even.

    I failed most of my goals for the week, but it's a new week!

    I'm so glad that I am your support are a big part of mine as well. I won't even type out one single "I TOLD YOU SO" in regards to running....have you got that 5 km registration in yet ? ;-)