Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday Weigh In

Well, the scales have not been good to me this week. And it's of my own doing. So, we shall get down to brass tacks, I suppose.

Last Week's Weight: 222.8

This Week: 226

+ 3.2 lbs

Yup. Pretty much what I expected. I didn't really care about my food intake versus exercise output. I didn't make an effort to go to the gym as much as I should have, and my sleep was very erratic.

So, let's look at the goals I set last week:

* Do my pilates DVD 3 days
* Drink 60oz water per day
* No "extra" sweets of any kind: candies, ice cream, cereal!, sugar in my coffee (splenda in my tea ok though)
* Go to at least 1 spin class
* Catch up on my Bio Science homework

Well, 2 out of 5. Disappointing for sure. I'm trying to figure out a way to keep my goals more visual. Honestly, I forgot I even put the spin class on my goal list, which can be why I didn't go.

My Pilates DVD sat untouched. I just didn't make the effort.

As for the "extra" sweets? Well, that goal was a reverse psychology move on my part I think. I had more candy than I had in weeks prior.We had some candy in the pantry that John decided needed to be on the counter. Well, when I see it, I eat it. So that's what happened.

Zero accountability on my part. I knew I shouldn't have eaten it, but I did. And so I have to make up for it and drop those pounds and get back on track.

So, my goals for this week......

* Do Pilates DVD 2 days
* Go to 1 spin class
* Eat 1 apple a day (to keep the bad snacking away!)
* Get John to join me in some form of activity (baseball, a walk, etc)
* Drink 3 glasses of fruit-infused water (which I'm NOT a fan of)

These are manageable. I have created a cute little notebook that I keep with me wherever I am and have written my goals down. I've looked into my work schedule for the week and tried to "plan" my goals into the days so that I don't make the excuse of "not having time".

I'm looking forward to Amy's post.... She said she had to bake for a fundraiser and I need some food porn!! :-P

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  1. Ok, so you are not pleased with the results....is it enough to kick start your motivation again?

    Get some sticky notes to remind yourself of your goals. Put them in a few spots...like the bathroom mirror, steering wheel of your car, etc. Any place you will see it. Maybe write yourself a little note on the inside of your wrist that you will see when you reach for the fridge....something like...my ass won't get smaller on it's own, or something like that! You could also pick something nicer to say, but I like to cheer myself up with a laugh.

    Sorry, no food porn in my post...I've misplaced the camera again!!! :-P I do that A LOT!

    Just remember, you are still in this fight! There is no tomorrow anymore, so get back up and dust yourself! YOU ARE AWESOME!