Friday, January 10, 2014

Just Can't Wait To Get On The Road Again....

Well. It's 2014. For ten whole days, it has been a new year. What have I been doing for ten whole days?

-Dealing with a very minor hairline fracture on my left index finger
   ..... Don't worry, I only need a splint for two weeks, and it's mostly just bruising. I'm fine.
-Watching my husband bust his ass for us.
-Walking, zumba, riding my bike, etc. (Yay!)
-Watching Supernatural and Dr. Who
-Learning more stuff at work.
-Starting the Spring semester at school!

So, at least I haven't been sitting on my ass! Yay!

Well, my BFF Amy and I have a new challenge! We had our fun at Morrow Mountain State Park, toasted marshmallows, watched some stars... it was great! It was also a FANTASTIC challenge!! And so we wanted to do it again. So, we are "leaving" our families once more to venture on a Supernatural-themed adventure!

Where are we going?

Our first stop is Crowley's Ridge State Park in Arkansas!

It was a secondary addition to our route, and I added it in
because my favorite King of Hell is in the name!

Our final destination is also in Arkansas.... Devil's Den State Park!

Look at that pathway! Also makes me wonder what type of monsters
our dear boys would hunt down in these trees!

My distance from my house to Crowley's Ridge is 849 miles.
From Crowley's Ridge to Devil's Den is 215 miles.

My total distance goal is 1064 miles.
From Jan 1st to October 31st is 304 days.
So, I must walk 3.5 miles per day to hit my goal!

Amy and I decided that the holidays were so hectic that trying to finish a walking challenge in November and December was nearly impossible. So, our goal date will be Halloween! Also, I think there might be a mini-challenge for November and December in the books for us..... but I have yet to bring that up to her yet! :-)

So, keeping with our original terms, only half of our daily distance goals will be allowed to come from "normal" "every day" walking. The other half must come from some sort of fitness. Walking, dancing, shoveling snow (obviously that will not be happening in sunny Florida!), you get the idea.

But, what's different is now we are only going to blog once per month. Amy said hers will be at the beginning of each month, and I think I may follow suit. So, we'll have our blogs up by the 5th of each month!

Happy Hunting Amy!! <3

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