Sunday, September 22, 2013

Road Trip Review 9/15 - 9/21

What a week it has been! I still have that funky feeling I just can't shake, and I think I have an idea on what it is. I was talking with my new gym buddy Mary and she made a comment on how defined and toned my arms have gotten. It seems to me I have hit a sort of plateau in my fitness routine and have nothing really challenging me anymore. With Johnny's Zumba class now twice a week, I am gaining more confidence in my moves but also have noticed it getting easier for me to do it. Where I used to struggle with moves and routines I see myself stepping up to the front lines and pretty much joining in next to him during class.
I do not see a change in my measurements, and while the 16's still fit good, I just feel like I could be doing MORE. But, I don't have anything around here that interests me. Unlike my friends on the East Coast who are doing OCR's (Obstacle Course Races), there isn't a whole lot on this side, and besides... I am alone in the adventure anyway. Mary is not a runner, which is okay, but I really have no one to push me and compete with on that front. For now anyway...

Let's get it on with this week's numbers! We have hit week 10! It's a miracle!!

Sunday : Weights and core workout, plus my everyday walking = 3.50 miles
Monday : Everyday walking, plus some pre-dinner speed walking = 3.75 miles
Tuesday : Johnny Zumba, everyday walking, and some pre-zumba weights = 3.95 miles
Wednesday : bad day. I only got in my normal everyday steps = 1.75 miles
Thursday : I did some core workouts at home, about an hours worth. plus my everyday steps = 2.75 miles
Friday : Zumba, weights, and my normal everyday steps = 5.25 miles
Saturday : I hung out by the pool and managed to burn even with sunblock on. BUT I did make about 8 laps in the pool, 6 swimming and 2 running the length. It took me about an hour. plus our walks throughout the day = 3.75 miles

This week's total is....... 24.25 miles! Which is -0.25 miles from my weekly goal. Ouch. SO CLOSE!!

I did have an exciting side-trip this week. Landing outside of Jacksonville last week gave me the opportunity to stop in to the Jacksonville Zoo this week on my way through!! Go check out the pictures!!

Don't forget, if you're reading this, then you should also be reading Amy's blog too!! She is doing an awesome job and has a good idea of something fun to break her routine, I think we should encourage her to do it!! :) :)

EDIT: I forgot to include my landing point pictures for the week!!! ACK!!

I've left Jacksonville and am heading to the Florida-Georgia Line!


I can almost smell the Georgia air!!

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  1. You are still doing so can catch my update tomorrow! :-)