Friday, November 9, 2012

Holiday Challenges and the DREADED Christmas List making!

It's a two-fer Friday! :) I have TWO things I want to blog about today!

Firstly, Holiday challenges. This is actually for two reasons: firstly, I joined the Holiday Challenge on LoseIt. It's simple, just log your food every day. I figured since I flake sometimes when I have no challenge, that this will help. And so far it has. I get up in the morning, eat breakfast, and log the previous day's lunch and dinner as well as today's breakfast to get started.

I don't see a "challenge" in doing this, other than keeping up that routine. Maybe, I can take my Kindle to the gym with me and update my logs as I'm hiking up the trail on the elliptical, followed of course by an episode of Supernatural. (BTW Amy- I have watched the first 2 ep's of season 2 and let me just say I cried!)

The second reason to blog today is about Christmas. Now, ALL of my friends and family know that I absolutely DO NOT get into the "Holiday Spirit" until after Thanksgiving, which is the way it SHOULD be. But this year I've decided to make an exception to the rule and at least begin gift-planning for Christmas before TurkeyDay.

With news reports saying that Americans will spend up to 33% less on gifts this year I think that maybe our stupid economy might be starting to learn to live within its means. I mean, I know most of my gifts this year will be edible or consumable in some form, simply because A- they pretty much have everything they want already, and B- my budget just doesn't fit with giving extravagant, useless shelf-sitters.

Case and point: I have been using Pintrest to get ideas, and boy has it been following through with that! And, with the new opportunity to have a "secret board"... I can pin holiday gift ideas WITHOUT anyone knowing! :) YAY! This means I have somewhere to write down and look for gifts for my husband! Who is the second HARDEST to buy for after his own MOTHER! lol

John and I have already purchased some gifts... little things here and there, so tonight I'm guessing that we are going to sit down and make the list of people we want to buy for. I have a few ideas for some people planned, so hopefully he'll be receptive to some of those ideas. :)

Anyway, off to make my lunch and defrost in the shower! It's COLD this morning! It's 51 degrees outside and my toes are frozen! O.O (Amy, no laughing at how cold I get at 51 degrees... as a Floridian I am cold whenever it drops below 70!!)

My favorite Christmas song, using Christmas lights, and to the tune played by an AWESOME group.

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  1. I too try and not decorate until December. Our new rule that I try to follow is not until after Abby's birthday (Nov. 30 ) so that way it is still a special day....Hayden is not so lucky, his birthday is Dec. 19....but he doesn't mind!

    Home-made gifts are awesome! I am not very good at doing them though for family. Honestly, I always find food is so well recieved. For all of the kids daycare providers, I am getting a wisk and filling it with Hersey Kisses and putting a little sign that says "we wisk you a merry christmas"

    So glad you are watching and enjoying Supernatural! :-) I cry too when I watch it!

    Is it bad that I had to do the temperature conversion to see if you were just a big baby complaining about being cold at 51 degrees. Works out to about 10.5 degrees celcius. I could consider that borderline. It is only a couple degrees colder here and I am frozen today. I am a winter baby....I don't like the cold!

    Good job girly....keep logging all holiday season and I will try to do the same!