Thursday, October 4, 2012


Hello blog! I'm sorry it's been awhile... I just haven't been feeling up to par when it comes to putting my thoughts into words. I'm still at a loss as to exactly what this post is about...

Do you ever have one of those days/weeks/months where you have 1,000,000 things to say and 5 words to put them in? I feel like that. I have a million things I want to write about, but not enough brain power (not to mention time) to really do those things!

So, let's start with some basics. School is going okay... It's really boring and it's hard to focus on each class as a separate one because they are so closely related. In my Speech class we're learning about how to use language in a verbal sense. Repetition, tone, pitch, etc... are all things I have to focus on. On the other hand, however, my Composition class is about using language in the written sense, where repetition is a BIG no-no, and there is no focus on tone, pitch, etc. I get them mixed up pretty easily.

I did my first speech on Wednesday night... I was completely freaked out. Give me a room of 150 employee where I have to lecture on policy and business stuff and I'll woo you right outta your damn heels. But a room of 17 with the professor, and I'm speaking about my father's recovery from alcoholism? I was scared shitless. I have no idea why. Perhaps it was the personal aspect of it. Perhaps maybe I just wasn't in the right frame of mind... but either way I'd say I scored a "C" at best on this speech.
There is the opportunity to re-do a speech at the end of the semester, so I may try to make that one up again. The next speech we have to do is an "informative" speech, but this is where I can let my natural sarcasm and satire come into play. I am going to do a speech on "how to give the BEST customer service", but the twist is it will be everything you would do WRONG.
When complimenting the customer to encourage her purchase, always be specific when making the compliment to appear more personal to the customer. "Why ma'am, that dress appears to be two sizes too small, and I can see the cottage cheese of your backside!"


Obviously I'm going for a humor factor here... and I'm really good at that! So I think I will ACE this next speech!!

I have a few other things coming up.... some I'm excited about, some not so much.

My FIRST anniversary is in 38 days! Hurray marriage! We plan on going to Harry Potter World @ Universal in Orlando!

Not so much:
We can't really afford a "nice" hotel (I want a damn spa tub!!) and I'm not going to skimp for our anniversary.

Thanksgiving is coming soon after that, and I plan to be in a size 16/18 by then! (I'm a 20/22 right now)

Not so much:
I still struggle to hit the gym more than 3 times per week, and I also still tend to over-eat or eat the wrong things.

Christmas is on its way, which means Christmas crafts, gifts, cooler weather, and family!

Not so much:
I'm still on a limited budget, and really can't afford a lot of gifts. Even crafting is going to be difficult.

I'm really just a Debbie Downer lately. It seems as if I'll never graduate college and find a "big girl" job. I have a successful marriage but not a lot of money... yet these hoodlums live off government welfare and sell drugs and can afford to blow $200 on shoes every week (not to forget the probably $400 worth they steal on top of that). Maybe I should pop out 4 or 5 kids and start claiming I can't work? Or better yet, get my lil brother to give me the name of his dealer and I should start selling pot! ... Wait. Nevermind. I'm an upstanding citizen of this city.


I'm pretty over this week.... It has been crazy trying to transition to my new department (which I haven't even begun to do because of vacations of other supervisors..)... I just need a mental break from it all. Anyone wanna knock me out for a few days??!?!?

I leave you with a song that's been stuck in my head for days now.

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